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BHD (2003)

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March 20th-May 1st 2003 A version of the feature film Black Hawk Down with all evidence of the American characters removed. Edited on imovie during the first Iraq invasion by the USA and a few of their allies. It is … Continue reading

Marx 200

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An evening to celebrate Karl Marx. Two hundred years old today

Mystery yoke

This gory version of a yoke was in an exhibition, can’t remember where or when, but it is an excellent example. Photographed at luchtime on the 10th January 2013.

The Grange

Rottingdean Museum has quite a large display dedicated to local agricultural workers in the period up to the second world war. It includes this woodwormed milkmaids yoke. It also has a lot of information on Rudyard Kipling and Burne-Jones, who … Continue reading