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POW Interview (1991)

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‘POW Interview’ is a short hostage tape produced for a video diary call-out by FACT in Liverpool. It’s my personal response to life on the dole and the history of European resistance movements. Also there is a nod to pop … Continue reading

Holed Up (2008)

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Exhibition view. Twelve cash machine photographs. Grey Area. Brighton Photo Fringe. I have been taking photographs of redundant ATMs for the past six years. Initially I was intrigued by the inept way the builders were attempting to prise new blocks of (false) marble … Continue reading


© 2011 Jonathan Swain. All rights reserved.

This year I have spent too much time sorting out exhibitions and being frustrated by (still) dormant landlords, agents and owners of empty shops. When the Photofringe asked if I was doing another exhibition I decided that it would be … Continue reading

Drive By Corridor (2010)

© 2010 Jonathan Swain. All rights reserved.

An intervention as part of ‘A Journey through U’. Curated by Same Sky at Phoenix Gallery, Brighton. 20th Feb -28th March 2010.

Tirana Calling (2007)

© 2007 Jonathan Swain. All rights reserved.

A sound piece made to express my disgust with the tyrannical and megalomaniacal behaviour of the Albanian Socialist leader Enver Hoxha during the 1970’s. Part of Signal, an exhibition curated by Finetuned at the Friese-Green gallery, Brighton and broadcast on … Continue reading

Grow Your Own (2003)

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Hydroponic installation made for Cash Crop, a series of week long public presentations by invited guests on the theme of shopping and consumption. Fabrica, Brighton. Brought up on a co-operative of market gardens in Sussex, I migrated to the city … Continue reading

Weightless (1993)

Marq Bailey

A tribute to the failed soviet moon missions and the rediculous expenditure on space travel in general. A twenty minute ballet projected simulataneously from two robotic arms installed on the floor of the gallery. The twin projections taking the dancers … Continue reading