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Fire & Glass (2008)

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Late one afternoon. A short autobiographical happening concerning fire and glass structures. A greenhouse full to overflowing with smoke, it leaks from the inside. Smoke is one of the main purgative cleansers used in horticulture; it has a history that goes … Continue reading

Pull thru

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According to my trainer, a Cable Pull Through is a harsh exercise involving a column of weights. Gavin says that it’s a bit embarrassing to do in the gym, but that nothing is better for firming up the hams. In … Continue reading

HALIFAX, 29 Frith St. W1

© 2008 Jonathan Swain. All rights reserved.

This mundane Halifax on Frith St in London is on the site of the Moka, Soho’s first expresso bar. Opened with flamboyant style by film star Gina Lollobrigida in 1953 it was closed in a different manner by the novelist … Continue reading