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Moloheya (2006)

© 2022 Jonathan Swain. All rights reserved.

Recipe for Moloheya, a nutriitious dish popular in Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Morocco, Libya. Events, discussion and DVD with Haim Ben Shitrit, Fabrica and local residents. A Brighton and Hove City Council Commission.

BHD (2003)

video still © 2019 Jonathan Swain. All rights reserved.

March 20th-May 1st 2003 A version of the feature film Black Hawk Down with all evidence of the American characters removed. Edited on imovie during the first Iraq invasion by the USA and a few of their allies. It is … Continue reading

My trip to Glasgow

Tom Hickmore/Nice media

Nice Media, a Brighton digital media company surprised me one morning, they asked me if I would tell them one of my stories to camera. It was a way of trying out different formats for interviews. For me good way … Continue reading

Miu Miu Spring Dance

© 2013 Jonathan Swain. All rights reserved.

This video was made to celebrate a lovely day in Brighton, so good I had to get up on the table and do a modest jig. It was also the final season for the pair of MiuMiu shoes that I … Continue reading

Tirana Calling (2007)

© 2007 Jonathan Swain. All rights reserved.

A sound piece made to express my disgust with the tyrannical and megalomaniacal behaviour of the Albanian Socialist leader Enver Hoxha during the 1970’s. Part of Signal, an exhibition curated by Finetuned at the Friese-Green gallery, Brighton and broadcast on … Continue reading

Weightless (1993)

Marq Bailey

A tribute to the failed soviet moon missions and the rediculous expenditure on space travel in general. A twenty minute ballet projected simulataneously from two robotic arms installed on the floor of the gallery. The twin projections taking the dancers … Continue reading

POW interview (1991)

© 1991 Jonathan Swain. All rights reserved.

2’ video commissioned by FACT, Liverpool distributed by LUX and a copy held in the European Media Art Festival Archive at the mediaartbase in Kassel. POW interview