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Miu Miu Spring Dance

This video was made to celebrate a lovely day in Brighton, so good I had to get up on the table and do a modest jig. It was also the final season for the pair of MiuMiu shoes that I had bought for a tenner in the sales. The shop assistant said they had been on display for two years and no-one had tried them on in all that time. They were lonely and needed a home. The shoes were green and purple at a time when no-one wore coloured shoes in any form, let alone brogue clod hoppers. I loved them instantly. They made me laugh. There were big green laces too, but they got on my nerves. In the end I wore them so much, the (moulded plastic) soles cracked right across the bottom, Ok for the summer but the moment it got damp they had to be sacrificed.

The soundtrack is one of ‘Ten popular feelings’ a limited edition CD released by ALL HORIZONS CLUB in 1999.