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The opening of Brighton PhotoBiennial 2010

Testing out a solo version of the mobile exhibition on the opening afternoon of the Third Brighton PhotoBiennial. It was throwing it down with rain so not ideal conditions. Had to build an adhoc rain cover for the picture, good, but not perfect, though it did increase the element of photo mystery. Having to lug the placard around, into openings and through the museum etc was perversely amusing and provoked a lot of discussion. I developed a knack of walking into a gallery, looking around, then confidently leaning it against the wall. As if convention had it that this is what you always did with your photo placard when entering any building. The way you hunt out for an umbrella stand, a coat hook or somewhere to stash your crash helmet. A while later, mid conversation it was pleasing to scan the crowd of smart people downing red wine and twiglets to see, literally, head and shoulders above them smiley Jamie nightworker.

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