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Fire & Glass (2008)

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Late one afternoon. A short autobiographical happening concerning fire and glass structures. A greenhouse full to overflowing with smoke, it leaks from the inside. Smoke is one of the main purgative cleansers used in horticulture; it has a history that goes … Continue reading

Cosy (2009)

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“A photograph of a group of postal workers celebrating with another, smaller, indistinct group of people, mainly women, around a large, padded textile object. It is the middle of the night. They drink champagne out of mugs and are shaking … Continue reading

(War Film)

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My edited version of Black Hawk Down, created with basic iMovie technology. It is unwatchable. I have taken out all the US soldiers from this reconstruction of their rescue mission in Somalia.

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General Strike 1926. The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor. London (2006).

CLOSE PROXIMITY (2005) New Greenham Arts, Newbury, Berkshire. I was the guest co-ordinator, with Helen Sloan (SCAN) of a two day gathering for activities and discussion that looked at the changing identity of areas that lie under the shadow of the ever bulging “commuter belt” around London. Organised for Networking Artists Networks (NAN) and AN Publications.

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Three miles east of Newbury, sixty miles west of Shoreditch and just off the M4 (junction 13), New Greenham Park is a collection light industrial businesses set in a 1000 acres of ancient heathland, a civil war battle site preserved … Continue reading