BHD (2003)

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March 20th-May 1st 2003 A version of the feature film Black Hawk Down with all evidence of the American characters removed. Edited on imovie during the first Iraq invasion by the USA and a few of their allies. It is … Continue reading

Blonde on top

Since twenty seventeen each time I go to the shop for groceries I have been slyly taking the opportunity to photograph the top right hand segment of both The Times and The Telegraph. I have noticed that there have been … Continue reading

Marx 200

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An evening to celebrate Karl Marx. Two hundred years old today

My trip to Glasgow

Tom Hickmore/Nice media

Nice Media, a Brighton digital media company surprised me one morning, they asked me if I would tell them one of my stories to camera. It was a way of trying out different formats for interviews. For me good way … Continue reading

“The Tigers of Wrath

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are wiser than the horses of instruction.” William Blake’s quote seems to fit neatly as a description of the life of Mikhail Bakunin. Wandering philosopher and misfit activist.

The True Value of Materials

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An exhibition at the University of Brighton for BRIDGE, building research and innovation deals for the green economy. The exhibition showed the added value gained by materials through upcycling and recycling as well as design prototypes currently undergoing testing in … Continue reading